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Church at 1612 Tuscarawas Street West, Canton, OH 44708

Trinity Gospel Temple | Pastored By Dave Lombardi

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    I wonder how many people would attend a church pastored by someone who refused to reside over the funeral of one of the founding members of your church, Edith Milzheimer, that was instrumental in bringing Ethel Jacobs to Trinity , the woman who donated the land for your home and campground and donated thousands of dollars to further the work of the Lord? I am glad that God will hold us ALL accountable, including you for our actions on this Earth. What will you tell my mother when you see her in Heaven? Will you tell her, Edith, I'm sorry I didn't reside over your funeral because your children decided to stop send offerings to my church? I'd like to know why you would disrespect such a Godly servant of God, who spent her life leading people to the Lord? How can someone be so disrespectful? I guess that's maybe why your congregation continues to find other churches to worship the Lord at. I understand why the Bible says don't put your faith in man, put your faith in the Lord.

    Added May 01, 2017 by James Milzheimer
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    Awful... I went to the 10am service Sunday morning and sat there and listened to brother Dave mock the Lgbtu community. He thought he was funny But The rest of us sat there in silence because we believe in love and not hate. Brother Dave you are an immature, ignorant individual. You have the tongue and beliefs of hitler. I feel sorry for your church and and the dark paths you guide them down. I will share this with the Lgbtu community and my fellow friends of faith. We pray that you find love in your heart and that hate be cleared of your heart. Amen 8/14/2016.

    Added December 31, 2016 by Kellie Coss
  • I absolutely love this church! Brother Dave is an amazing man of God. The people treat you like family. The best church I've ever been to.

    Added September 03, 2016 by Jennifer Phillips
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